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Written by hootenannie on March 27th, 2008

Things I Must Do In My Lifetime
The Living Big – a detailed account


51) Cultivate a bonsai tree.
52) Go whale watching.
53) Love the people who drive me the most crazy.
54) Live in Seattle again.
55) Ice skate without falling.
56) Read the entire Bible.
57) Eat at Canlis.
58) Send something to Post Secret.
59) Press pretty flowers, just because.
60) Milk a cow.
61) Go to a party on a roof-top deck.
62) Sit on a beach in New Zealand.
63) Master the art of barbequing.
64) Re-take-up scrapbooking. But this time, cooler. No more die-cuts.
65) Be someone’s hero.
66) Learn to bartend.
67) Hug a koala bear.
68) Hug my husband.
69) Hug my baby.
70) Change my own flat tire.
71) Fly first class.
72) Memorize how to make an origami crane.
73) Start a book club.
74) Throw a dinner party, complete with cloth napkins and place-cards.
75) Write a fan letter to Jim Halpert. Not John Krasinkski. Definitely Jim Halpert.

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