"If You Asked Me To" – and I win – I might bring you along

Written by hootenannie on August 15th, 2008

I admit it: I can be a bit of a cheap skate… although actually, I prefer to think of myself simply as one who finds “creative solutions that involve no money.” This past week, I found myself at a restaurant ordering – no joke “a water with no ice, and maybe could you just throw some extra fries on HER plate? Thanks.” I clip coupons. I buy used rather than new. Any leftover coffee in the coffee pot gets poured into a mug and put in the fridge, so every couple of days when I have a full cup, rather than making a fresh pot, I nuke the remains. I frequently take multiple laps around the grocery to eat 3 helpings of the free samples in place of lunch. Like today.

Afternoon Report from Annie Parsons on Vimeo.

Okay, so that video started out being about free samples, but it wound up being a therapy session. Apologies. I’m really not as sad as I seem. Although I am every bit as weary as I look.

Back to business: I really, really love contests.

I enter as many contests as I can, always hoping that I’m going to win something for free. My thinking is that the more contests I enter, the better my chances will be at winning something – anything. My favorite kind of contest is when you don’t have to earn the prize – you just have to sign up online (because, another confession: I don’t really like to work?). In 2008, I have already won two contests – tickets to the opera back in January, and tickets to the Nashville Film Festival back in April. The restaurant from which I frequently pick up lunch for my co-workers offers a daily chance at a $1,000 prize, so long as I fill out the online survey.

So don’t think I haven’t entered this contest. And don’t pretend that if I win, you wouldn’t want to go.

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