Written by hootenannie on October 1st, 2008

I go on walks – long walks – pretty much every day, sometimes multiple times a day, sometimes alone late at night. (I know. Just… I know. I shouldn’t do it. I know.) Recently on these walks, I have seen:

Twin Old Ladies

Y’all. I’m not EVEN kidding. There they were, up ahead of me, in… can it be?… matching plaid shirts? Matching shorts? Identical shoes and ankle socks? Synchronized strides with their EXACT SAME little calves? When I caught up with them, I asked them if they were twins. They turned their faces to me, and IT WAS THE SAME WOMAN, DUPLICATED. Indistinguishable. They told me – in very sweet Southern accents, no less – that they live together, and work together, and have done everything side-by-side their entire lives. It was cute.

Also, weird.

But really, cute. Endearing. Unexpected.

However, maybe not as unexpected as…

A coyote

I know. You want to tell me, “Annie, it was just a dog.”

But I’m sorry. What kind of house-pup looks like this?

This was no little desert coyote, either. It was a very large, muscular, FOREST coyote, emerging at dusk from the dark bushes and freezing at the sight of Julie and me. We just kept walking, and it ran in the other direction. But honestly. Cockroaches? Possums? COYOTES? My urban oasis is being overrun with life-threatening disturbances.

Keep an eye on your ferrets, Nashville.

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