Written by hootenannie on August 28th, 2009

If you happen to be one of the people who has attempted communication with me recently and heard nothing in reply, I AM SO SORRY.  I owe you a more personal apology at some point – but for now, I am just trying to dig myself out.

Sometimes, all we can do just has to be “good enough.”  I look forward to the day when I can do well again – when I have time to read and write and think and dream, when I can fill up my spirit, when I can work toward some things that I find important, when I can be witty and quick and heartfelt, when I can catch up with people.

But lately, all I can summon the brainpower to do is to sit staring at the dining room wall and spelling the word “queue” out loud.

Q-U-E-U-E.   Q-U-E-U-E.   Q-U-E-U-E.

Instead of reading my words, I highly recommend that you go read my friend Sarah’s story.  She has posted every day this week, and has kept me on the edge of my seat.  Start with Part 1, and then move to Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.  I am flattened by her candor, and inspired by her courage.

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  1. Aug

    ah, annie. i am the creepy stalker girl who comments once in a while to point out that our lives sometimes run parallel. maybe i only did it once. but this post reminded me a LOT of this one of mine from two weeks ago:

    so anyway, i feel ya. i’m still kind of in that mode (the one you describe in your second paragraph). here’s praying we get out.

  2. Aug

    Stephanie! How bizarre – yes, we do live parallel lives. :) Well, like I said, right now, this just has to be “good enough.” Things will turn around someday… I hope…

  3. Aug

    Annie, as you are an introvert, it’s only reasonable that you need time off the radar.

    Reading this post makes me think of Dale Roth’s song that says, “Hope in God, oh my soul, for the day will come again when I will praise him.” Being in that wordless place is a good thing, that’s where God can work a miracle in you. Afterall, that’s the primary job of the Holy Spirit; taking what we cannot articulate before the Father on our behalf. So live in it and don’t feel bad about it.

    PS: Dave Rohrer just preached a great sermon about this very thing two weeks ago. Get the podcast of it.

  4. Aug
    Danielly Nobile

    Annie, I don’t know your friend Sarah, but I did what you told me to do on your blog – I looked at her blog posts…
    WOW! Her story reminds me of the book “Redeeming Love”. More so, her story reminds me of my walk with God.
    Thank you for posting her links on your blog. I know Sarah will still show many what the grace of God is like.

  5. Aug

    Thanks for pointing out Sarah’s series of posts. EXCELLENT.

    God bless.

  6. Aug

    woooow. yes yes yes. wonderful series. close to home.

  7. Aug
    Sarah Markley

    Thank you Annie. Thank you.

    And the dining room wall in my house happens to be quite interesting. although i am impressed you can spell the word queue well. it’s a toughy. they use it a lot in england.

    you make me smile =)

  8. Sep
    rachel b

    did you hear?

    sorry to break the news, but:

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