Track 5: “Starting Today”

Written by hootenannie on November 6th, 2009

It’s Friday (happy Friday, by the way – congratulations on making it through another week).  Typically, I do not blog on the weekends – but we still have two more tracks to go.  So be sure to check in tomorrow and Sunday for the inside scoop on the final tracks!


“Starting Today”

In the fall of 2007, I spent 3 ½ months by myself on a road trip around the country; this song was born out of that time.  I wrote scraps of it during The Big Trip, and finished it right before I moved to Nashville.

But the song was really bad.  No, seriously – like, REALLY bad.  I didn’t want to play it for anyone, because it was so trite, so obvious.  So I did what any respectable human would do: I dropped it.

After tucking it away for about a year, one day, I happened to pull it out again – and realized that there might actually be some redeemable parts.  I decided to try to re-write the chorus, and wound up writing three different choruses – cart-wheeling choruses that remind me of what I felt like during those 3 ½ months on the road: “a poor broken heart chasing broken white lines.”

This track has been deleted – you should buy the EP to hear it!

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