Grinning like a fool

Written by hootenannie on April 5th, 2010

Seth just texted me.

“Annie!  Did you already know about the Disc Makers catalog and were just waiting to surprise me?”

I stared at the phone.  What catalog?  Disc Makers?  Wait – am I in Disc Makers?  AM I IN DISC MAKERS???!?

“On the COVER.”


I am on the cover of… well, not quite a magazine, but IT MIGHT AS WELL BE A MAGAZINE.  I am arriving in thousands of mailboxes, worldwide, as I type.

Thank you, Seth Kiehl, for creating such a gorgeous design… one that Disc Makers rightfully found worthy of their catalog.

Oh, and the front page of their website, too.


Pretty much the happiest thing that could happen to me on a Monday.  I seriously can’t stop smiling.  Thanks, Disc Makers.

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