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Well, here I am. Annie Parsons.profile3

Having grown up in Montrose, CO, and spent seasons along the way in Seattle, Nashville, and now Denver, I find myself more “homefull” than “homeless.” Still, I’m not quite sure where I best fit in – or if I really want to.

For as brazen, intrepid, and callously courageous as I can sometimes be, I battle some very real fears and insecurities on a regular basis. Sometimes I write about these things – but don’t be alarmed. I eventually walk my booty back up the downward spiral, and remember what I knew to be true all along.

In moments of desperation, I have been known to succumb to the motto, “Life sucks, and then you die.” But then, I am reminded that I believe in a God who is in the habit of bringing life out of death, and has overcome this world that we live in, full of pain and disappointment and injustice. And then I have a re-surge of the will to live, and to live life to the fullest.

Somewhere between a young heart and an old soul, I find myself writing about this life. I love Jesus, melodies, harmonies, and red dresses. Wine & cheese is my love language.

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  1. Jul

    I had to write you when I read your “about me” because it seems we are common hearts. Not only am I also a musician, but my thoughts on getting married and your desperate moments motto are so characteristic of me as well. In your latest post, you described working at your fairly new job and it gave me a lot of comfort as I am about to start my first “real world” job and I have no idea what I’m doing yet. So thank you for mentioning that and for just being who you are in general.. I feel like I can relate. :)


  2. Nov

    well, hello there. i found you through wrecklessgirl’s tweet and i think we’re twins. just kidding. ;-)

    i’m curious to learn more about you through your blog. i sense we are riding a similar (if not the same) wave in terms of our journey & thinking.


  3. Feb
    Mary Claire Primos

    hey pretty girl,

    I am new to the blogging world and just have started reading some blogs on a regular basis.. trying to be a follower of you and didn’t see where to do that..so I’m signing up here in hopes to know when ever you post a new letter.
    sorry you had such a tough week. hope Haiti is wonderful.
    mary claire

  4. Oct

    Loving your blog! I found it on one of our mutual friends sites — maybe Debbie’s (I used to live in nashville as well but now I’m down in SoCal). Anyways… such a fun read!

  5. Sep

    Feel you a hundred times over. You are definitely not alone in this feeling!!

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