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Well, here I am. Annie Parsons.profile3

Having grown up in Montrose, CO, and spent seasons along the way in Seattle, Nashville, Denver, and Minneapolis, I find myself more “homefull” than “homeless.” While I have loved everywhere I’ve lived, each move is bittersweet. I miss so much about my former cities, the people most of all. When I imagine heaven, I think of one big neighborhood where we can all walk to each other’s houses for dinner under twinkly lights like the Bravermans.

I have a dog named Foxy Brains, and she is the best little mutt in the whole wide world. She and I live a sweet life full of walks, talks, and cheese (there is a lot of cheese).

My career path makes zero logical sense, as I have worked various and sundry jobs over the years. Wherever I find myself, I just try to show up, be kind, and do my part. So far, mostly so good.

Writing is my favorite thing. I feel most like myself when I’m stringing together words like beads on a wire, turning them different ways like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, or sometimes fitting them to a melody. The practice of writing makes me more aware, more observant, ears attuned to any truth worth telling. But the biggest gift that writing has given me is a greater appreciation for other people’s words. I’m a better reader. I’m a better listener. And I love good songs more and more.

I keep this blog as an outlet for my writing, my stories, and sometimes for dumb jokes. Thanks for being here!

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