I couldn’t get naked fast enough


The title? That’s the end of the story. Now, let’s start at the beginning.

My Memorial Day weekend was among the top-most-fun weekends ever! My friend Jenn from Denver, who I had not seen for probably 6 years, came to visit. I suppose that there was potential for awkwardness, given how long it had been since we had seen each other and how far I’ve fallen into moral sewage, but luckily Jenn is right there with me. :) Our friendship was instantly rekindled, and we had such a blast.

The theme of the weekend was LADY DATE 2007, and we milked it for all it was worth. The parking gods were with us; we got rock-star parking everywhere that we went. We wore dresses on 3 separate occasions, went out for amazing food, shopped til we dropped, rode a ferry in the sunshine, took pictures, went to the Woodinville wineries, and even watched a Mandy Moore movie while eating ice cream and potato chips. And brie. And cookies. It was pure bliss! When you are single, you must celebrate it, because it truly is such a gift.

On Friday, Jenn emerged from the dressing room at Anthropologie in a kelly green dress. “Oh no,” I said. “I KNOW!” she replied. And then we had the fateful moment where we freaked out and twirled around, simultaneously delighted and horrified at 1) how perfect the dress was, and 2) how much money she now HAD to spend because the dress was just THAT great. She bought it because she is worth it. And apparently this message is brought to you by L’Oreal Paris.

It reminds me of my friend Sarah who, after ending her engagement and then watching her ex-fiance wed another, pawned all the jewelry from various ex-boyfriends and bought herself a diamond necklace. Simply rad.

I bought myself roses last week, which is something that I swore that I would never do. I can buy myself other flowers, but roses are off-limits, I thought. Roses should only come from a guy, right? Oh pshaw. Life does not always turn out the way that you plan, and when it doesn’t, you have to be ready to break the rules.

And so yesterday, when I was staring at my computer screen with a headache and a backache and a brain ache, I picked up the phone and called the number on the coupon. I scheduled my appointment, showed up a few hours later, charged the Visa (because this was an absolute necessity), and entered the darkened room of the masseuse.

And the end of the story? You already know.


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  1. Christina on May 30, 2007 at 11:51 AM

    You are the Queen of welcoming long-lost friends for a visit — hopefully we can muster up a few days as awesome sounding of a time in August?! :)

    And Anthropologie makes me weep quietly on the inside. I have never been able to afford anything there. But I made myself a promise when I started law school that my very first big, splurge purchase would be an Anthropologie dress. So maybe one day SOON!

    (had to delete the first comment for gratuitous typos)

  2. Sarah Kate on June 1, 2007 at 11:11 AM

    Ummm, that’s how I feel EVERY time I get a massage…with a coupon as always. That Antropologie experience reminds me of ours and our fantastic fabulous jeans. We are getting an Antropologie in Nashville so when you get here we’ll shop. Well, we’ll at least look considering we’ll both be unemployed.
    Oh, and I’m rockin the diamond today. Yee-haw for jewelry without baggage!

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