Sunny Colorado


After a relatively uneventful flight (I only saw one man with a mustache dressed in an aqua blue Michael Stars t-shirt and high heels), I arrived in Colorado to 80-degree weather and my family. Becca and Spencer cooked us all fajitas for dinner last night, and then we spent the rest of the evening playing at a park. What could be better?

Tyler (TJ, Teej, the LEEJ) is almost 2, and talking so much more (“Colorado – let’s go!”)… and with the sweetest lisp! He has the most kissable little lips. He is deliciously chubby – I just want to eat his cheeks!

Micah is 3 1/2, and so smart and polite (“Micah, you’re getting so tall!” “Thank you, Annie!”). Incredibly verbal, he can hold his own in any conversation. He was super-adventurous at the park, and obviously an old pro on the slide.

We loved swinging… and the Leej wore his Superman pajamas ALL DAY for the long drive from Kansas City.

Sarah recently donated all of her hair to Locks of Love, and is sporting the most adorable coif! She and Ashley enjoyed the sun.

Mom and I watched our freckles pop out. These are our arms, by the way. :)

The boys really love Spencer. When we got here last night, one of Micah’s first questions was, “How are your guitars, Spencer?” We also taught them to say, “Goodnight Witness Light,” which is the name of the latest Daphne Loves Derby record (Spencer plays lead guitar).

Here is the reason to celebrate, Becca the college graduate, with her sweet friend Sara.

We’re having a BBQ tonight to celebrate Becca’s graduation. Burgers and dogs, watermelon, BROWNIES!! I love celebrations, and I love my family. :)



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