Y’all come back now, you hear?


Be sure to check back later today for a very special surprise. I’m serious.

But before your mind goes all haywire, know that the surprise is none of the following:
1) An engagement ring.
2) An ultrasound photo.
3) Anything related to “Lost.” I haven’t watched yet. DONOTTELLMEANYTHING!!!!!

In the meantime, to sustain your minds and hearts, here is something that I learned yesterday and tried last night with the fabulous Mary Hiemstra, visiting from Seattle:

Purée a can of black beans (rinse them first, then refill the can with the beans and water to the top), add a brownie mix and some coffee grounds, and bake. The world’s greatest tasting brownies ever. High fiber, high protein, low fat. No bean-taste at all. Try it – you will not be sorry.


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  1. Megan Brady on May 30, 2008 at 10:39 AM

    Ok, if you like those brownies – please try:

    One box spice cake mix
    One can of pumpkin

    mix together.

    bake as muffin/cupcakes at 350 for 12-15 min.

    you get the BEST pumpkin muffins EVER… and SO not bad for you.

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