Day off in Denver


It’s 10am, and I’m at my kitchen table drinking coffee in my pajamas.  Julie is still asleep – I can’t blame her, she drove 1,200 miles to get here.  We had dinner with joeljoeljoel (SHOUT OUT) at the Cherry Cricket last night – have I mentioned that Denver is a destination?  Since I moved here 3 weeks ago, I’ve met up with at least 5 out-of-town friends who have just randomly been in my new city.

That is an invitation, by the way.

Because Julie is here, I’m taking today off of work to go explore the city a bit.  The plan is to walk to the downtown public library (because I drive past it every day, and it is gorgeous), maybe stroll through the Denver Art Museum, hoof it to REI, and the whole time, keep our eyes out for a place to have dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, we’ll head to Colorado Springs to be with my mom and our friend Lisa, and on Sunday morning, we’ll go on a long run.

I am so thankful for easy, low-maintenance friends.  Julie doesn’t care that I don’t have a couch or a TV, or that we went to bed before 11 last night.  We can’t be exciting all the time – and the ones who know this about us and honestly don’t care?  They are keepers.



  1. Duane on January 22, 2010 at 3:04 PM

    im actually kinda partial to the ‘low-maintenance non-exciting’ time together. that’s usually when good conversation happens!

    did you read Buechner yesterday? with all the easy connections you’re making there and the “surprising okay-ness” of your move, it can help but remind me of Buechner’s idea that just as a scrap of your soul is left behind when you leave somewhere, perhaps somehow a scrap of your heart goes ahead of you to where you are going.

  2. Rod on January 22, 2010 at 5:56 PM

    First off, very profound Duane! Secondly, let me know if Denver’s library has a problem with the homeless like we do here in Nashville. Thirdly, tell Jules I said hello and that Vandy is not the same without her. Finally, have a nice trip to the Springs…it’s always all about the low-maintenance and easy-going times.

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