Month: May 2013

Hammerhead over heels

Just a few days ago, this is where I was: The Gulf coast of Florida is something amazing. White sands and clear water and slushy drinks and hammerhead sharks that ALMOST EAT YOU. No joke, Miranda and I were up to our waists in the water when people on the shore started yelling and motioning…

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I’ve been in the Shotgun for two and a half weeks, and things are coming together. I have all of my furniture, and as of Sunday, a washer and dryer. A few pictures are hung on the walls. I painted the hallway, but gave up halfway through painting the bathroom because the ceilings are too…

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We interrupt this blog silence for some repulsion

There are little bugs in my bathroom sink. They’re tiny, and they hop. I rinse them down the drain every day, and the next day, they’re back. Tonight, I came home to ants in the kitchen. Everywhere. This is bad, because REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I HAD ANTS? In other gross news, I cracked open…

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