Month: December 2014

Scaredy dog

It’s no secret that I think Foxy is the best dog in the entire world. I love her more than anything I’ve ever had. She is smart and snuggly and intuitive, loves to walk as much as I do, and is all around just the most wonderful little companion. But no one is perfect. Foxy’s…

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Boy oh boy band

Half a lifetime ago, I was somewhat of a boy band aficionado. My childhood was soaked in New Kids on the Block, but things really picked up speed in the late 90s when we had so many options: Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, Hanson, Backstreet Boys, and the ultimate, NSYNC. I was obsessed with NSYNC.…

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The best and the brightest

When I left the office last night, my inbox was down to 5 messages (a record!). When I arrived this morning, I had 181 emails.   Here was the original message:           And then came the replies:                   Dozens of times. Eventually, the sender…

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