Month: December 2015

2015: Everything Changed and I Cried

There is no better summation of my 2015 than this: Everything Changed and I Cried. I should caveat this by saying that right now, in the last days of the year, I am steady and stable and grateful for my life and current situation. It took a little while, but here I am. But for…

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Holly Jolly Melancholy Christmas [new song]

I know, I know. You have been observing my grace and aplomb at every twist and turn of the journey, wondering how on earth I’m such a charmingly positive and rosy person. You are amazed at my buoyant spirit and sweet disposition. I am a delight. Alas, this is not the truth – and fine,…

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On violence and fear

I’ve been watching Ken Burns documentaries lately. On weeknights, I crawl into bed around 9:30, pull up Netflix, and find myself immersed in history I’ve never heard about — or if I have, it was likely back in elementary school and I’ve forgotten the details. I’m currently re-watching “The West,” a series I watched years…

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