Colorado Springs

I’ll never work(out) in this town again

My parents recently enrolled in a gym called Fitness 19, named such because it’s open 19 hours a day. Oh, Coloradans – you are so clever with your words! Due to her recent surgeries, Mom hasn’t been to Fitness 19 in awhile, leaving her membership card available to yours truly. My workouts on Saturday and…

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What’s been going on

Last week, while the EP listening party was happening here on the blog, and I was steadily posting a new track each day, there was a lot happening in my life.  Like, A LOT a lot. My mom was diagnosed with cancer – soft tissue sarcoma.  The doctors removed a mass from her hip socket;…

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Up from the grave

I am resurrecting from the blog-dead. Maybe if I say it out loud, it will stick. Where have I been?  Oh, you know.  Working.  Working out.  Thinking.  Reading.  Watching some more “Friday Night Lights.”  Breathing. I spent the long weekend in Colorado Springs at my parent’s new house – they moved in June, and I…

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