Bumming me out

When I moved to Nashville two years ago, I switched to Bank of America because I never wanted to have to switch my bank account again – so naturally, I chose the bank of AMERICA. It turns out that Bank of America is actually the bank of NOT DENVER. – – – – – –…

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Is this real life?

I moved up to Denver on Friday night, and have been camping out in my apartment on an air mattress; my stuff should arrive late this week.  I live off of exit 206 (an homage to Seattle) on a street called Franklin (an homage to Nashville’s little sister) next to Cheesman Park (an homage to…

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Tomorrow is a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. I like markers.  I like new beginnings.  I like boundaries that separate “this” from “that.”  It gives me a sense of control, however misperceived. 2010 is a year of starting over, in almost every way that I possibly could – even in ways that…

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