Hannah Clader

Home again, home again

I know that you’ve all been racked with anxiety since I announced that we might soon be living underneath a bridge. You’ve probably lost sleep, your hair, and your minds from the stress of it all. But worry no more, good friends and countrymen: we found a house. A HOUSE. A stand-alone structure. Do you…

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How to cut up a pineapple

I’ve known Roommate Hannah since childhood. In fact, here’s a picture of her and me from the days of yore. That’s us at ages 10 and 15. This was around the time that Hannah thought that “Les Miserables” was, in fact, “Lame is Rob” – which is basically the best thing I have ever heard….

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Runaway train/bus/thoughts

These days, life is like a runaway train.  It’s like that movie “Unstoppable,” except – spoiler alert! – that train actually stopped.  It’s not still barreling out of control through Pennsylvania.  Not that I’m barreling out of control through Pennsylvania, either, but… Okay.  Analogy over. All I’m saying is that life has been busy and full,…

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