I promise I won’t keep doing this

But… I just love him so much.  So much that I want to be just like him.

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“Say hello to your friends (Baby-Sitters Club)”

I’ve always been a super-fan of something. When I find something that I love, I tend to jump on the bandwagon and become infatuated. It happened with “Full House.” It happened with Pogs and snap bracelets. It happened with Elijah Wood (have you seen “The War”?). It happened with “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the…

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Live together, die alone

There is a humongous benefit to living in the Central Time Zone. People in Seattle have more than 3 hours to go. For me, “Lost” is starting in 20 minutes. I AM FREAKING OUT. In fact, I haven’t been able to blog today because I just haven’t known what to say. I have no words…

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