All the things I didn’t say

Monday I saw Patty Griffin on Monday night with Rachel, the cutest date ever.  We walked the mile and a half downtown to the theater, which made us feel very city-like. But I’ll be honest: after all of my anticipation and excitement, I was kind of disappointed in the show.  The set list consisted almost…

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All hail the redhead

So, remember why I moved to Denver?  Because my mom has cancer? Well, as she put it this weekend, “I’m not sure that I have cancer.  But I KNOW that I have chemotherapy.” It’s true.  In the last 2 months since the initial diagnosis, cancer has felt like a joke, a deception.  This woman is…

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What’s been going on

Last week, while the EP listening party was happening here on the blog, and I was steadily posting a new track each day, there was a lot happening in my life.  Like, A LOT a lot. My mom was diagnosed with cancer – soft tissue sarcoma.  The doctors removed a mass from her hip socket;…

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