The Temptress Chronicles: III

Written by hootenannie on February 28th, 2008

Breaking news: after a mere 2 ½ days, I was requested to remain with this financial firm indefinitely. No, they are not officially hiring me, but I will stay on as their temp until they decide what they want to do. It’s kind of like when a guy says that he doesn’t want to “date,” but still wants to make out. You know?

So, I guess that this ends The Temptress Chronicles. It could have been a fascinating series if I had had the opportunity to try out a bunch of different work environments: warehouse, door-to-door sales, data entry, box assembly, and other various riveting careers. But I will remain here in my quiet lobby, no sound aside from the air from the vents and the click-click-click of the keyboard.

I am not complaining.

This is manna.

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