The Temptress Chronicles: II


I checked in with my “agent” today – you know, the guy who is supposedly in charge of getting me jobs. I could call him a pimp, but I’m already calling myself the Temptress, and I’m pretty sure that all of that could add up to one hot mess. You can now probably Google “Annie Parsons hot temptress pimp mess,” and I’m sure that this will pop up.

I thanked this man for lining up this fabulous temp job for this week, and that I’m grateful for the opportunity and the income, and yes, I am dressing in “business professional” rather than “business casual” so don’t worry your pretty little head about a thing. Then, I got to my real questions: What about next week? Do you have a job for me for next week? I mean, I know I’m working here through Friday, but what about Monday? Am I going to be taken care of? Are you going to forget about me and give the job to someone else? Pay attention to me! What am I doing next week?

Have I mentioned that I am the kind of girl who likes things to be lined up, for sure, scheduled, signed sealed delivered? My life isn’t looking that way right now. And it’s hard. There is no way of knowing where – or if – I will be working next week.

But then, I remember the Israelites wandering in the desert. God always provided manna, but only enough for one day. When the people tried to stockpile and gather so much that they would have the assurance of having enough for tomorrow, it rotted before they were able to eat it.

So I am choosing to be grateful for today’s income, and for today’s needs being met. And I am trusting that the same will be true of tomorrow, the next day, and the next.


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  1. Ross on February 26, 2008 at 4:57 PM

    I googled. You are the top result for “Annie Parsons hot temptress pimp mess.”

    And The Hipster Handbook will prove itself a valuable resource in observing this exotic breed in its natural habitat. Nothing nerdy about that… unless you think birdwatching is nerdy.

  2. I am Kate Maxwell and home is in on February 26, 2008 at 7:51 PM

    that is pretty much amazing… and really, how important can having a job be? i mean, who really needs to pay bills and stuff?

  3. Sarah Kate on February 26, 2008 at 9:24 PM

    Ummm, I searched and got mostly porn sites. Crap.

  4. Anonymous on February 27, 2008 at 6:40 PM

    I am addicted to these chronicles almost as much as Narnia… {smiles}

  5. Kelly Cooper on February 27, 2008 at 8:24 PM

    Annie – I was a tempt for a couple of months. I THOUGHT I would get a job in a swanky office, but instead, I worked in a daycare and then was a dispatcher for a utility company. It was a far cry from your Temptress Chronicles. :) May all your tempting experiences be better than mine! -Kelly

  6. Case and Los on February 27, 2008 at 11:05 PM

    I was about to say, “damn manna,” b/c I relate to your desire to horde/organize/save, etc.

    BUT then God reminded me how he (not that God is a he) provided me with $8000 this week. After last week we said, “where is the money we need going to come from?!” in angst. It’s all here now, out of nowhere.

    Amazing. I’ll be a little infomercial for you to trust God.

  7. itstrivial on February 28, 2008 at 12:14 AM

    Today work sucked. But then again, you reminded me that I still have something to be thankful for. I guess God’s gifts come in all forms of employment.

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