G is for… just a tribute to G

Written by hootenannie on September 8th, 2008

G is a very nice letter, don’t you think? Not as nice as A – A is just so sturdy and stable. It would be hard to knock over an A, what with its solid base and symmetrical shape. A is the best letter. But G is nice, too. It might roll around a little bit and flounder, but it is more than just a C, because it has a kickstand to steady itself during the times when it really counts.

G is a worthwhile letter because without it, we would never hear giggling or gurgling. Girls would not gaggle. There would be no giraffes or grapes or gouda or gifts or Greta. Gallantry would not exist, and neither would gentlemen in general. I would never feel glad or giddy or glamorous.

True, there would also be no gauntlet, guillotine, or gut-wound. No guns, no grief. No germs. No goodbyes.

But all in all, G is good. Without it, this blog is just a blo.

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