The upcoming holiday weekend

Written by hootenannie on May 21st, 2009

Whoa.  Didn’t mean to quit blogging.  But it happened for a second.

– – – – – – – –

I was invited to spend this coming Saturday on a pontoon boat with 30 other people.

I would rather streak across a golf course.

Many of the people who are going to be on the boat read this blog, and I want you to know that truly, it’s not you – it’s me.  Nowhere on my list of favorite things does it read “sun,” “heat,” “burn,” “sweat,” or “stranded with no escape.”

Incidentally, these are all of the same reasons I hated summer camp – although I can emphatically say that the number one reason I hated summer camp was the fear of getting my first period away from home.  (Sorry for saying “period.”  Oh, and sorry for saying it again.)

Instead of doing something summery and boatish and what some might call “dreamy,” my Memorial Day weekend plans include the following:
–    Pet-sitting for a former co-worker (uh oh)
–    Cleaning out the 12-year old black lab’s eyes on a daily basis (the owner showed me how – and I’m serious, I might vomit every day)
–    Seeing Lori McKenna at 12th & Porter on Friday night – oh, sweet bliss!
–    Babysitting for very cute twins on Saturday night
–    Holding babies in the church nursery on Sunday night
–    Welcoming Julie back from the Caribbean
–    Welcoming Nashville Miranda back from Argentina
–    Hanging with Erin Castioni – which could quite possibly lead to all manner of spontaneity.  I mean, remember last time?

What are YOU doing for Memorial Day weekend?

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