My best boys


After a long-stretch of time with my nephews, Jeremy and Ashley arrived home tonight to relieve me of childcare duties. I am now excused from monitoring bowel movements (“I’m DUUHHH-un!”), re-telling the story of “The Lion King” every hour, receiving already-chewed gum into the palm of my hand, and being presented with a special gift from Micah: a remarkably large piece of dried skin that he peeled off of his top lip.

I am free to go about my business – which, let’s be honest, consists of updating my Facebook profile and checking the personal ads on Craigslist (Seattle, Kansas City, AND Nashville). Kansas City is a restful place for me… and by “restful,” I mean a virtual flatline. You would think that all of this free time would result in me being ultra-productive; not so. Not knowing many people aside from my family results in an over-eating, under-exercising, YouTube-scouring numbing of my mind. Being with Micah and Tyler was the most eventful and stimulating occasion I could have hoped for.

They are truly marvelous little guys, and not just because they’re my nephews. I’ve hung around enough kids to know that Micah and Tyler are exceptionally well-behaved, well-mannered, good natured boys. They are not antagonistic. They play extremely well together, and share their toys. Micah is constantly coming up with cute little spontaneous compliments (“I LOVE your shirt, Annie!”), and Tyler is so polite (“Thank you for my pizza!”). I believe this is a testament to Jeremy and Ashley’s parenting; they have done an amazing job with these guys. They have turned out to be my favorite humans on the planet.

Today, while playing with their trains, Micah brought his little engine up to Tyler’s.

“What’s the matter, Thomas?” Micah asked the little train.

And in his tiny lisp, Tyler responded, “I’m not the matter – I’m just nice.”

And it’s true: Micah and Tyler are “not the matter” – they’re “just nice.” They are innocent and carefree, living life day-to-day and trusting that they will be provided for. They do not worry. They do not vie for attention or favor. They’re just nice.

Don’t lose that. Keep being your extraordinary selves – and just like it’s happening now, everyone who meets you will fall in love with you. The world needs you, Micah and Tyler – my best boys.



  1. Todd (from UPC) on October 9, 2007 at 9:09 AM

    For some mind stimulation in KC, if you get a chance, take an outing to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum and then tell me what you think of the new addition (the building, not the paintings.) I hear you really need to see it at night when it is lit as well for its full effect.


  2. Lyla on October 9, 2007 at 10:47 PM

    Your nephews really are exceptionally adorable.

  3. Jeremy Parsons on October 10, 2007 at 8:13 PM

    You are sweet about the kiddos. . . .and the parenting.

    KC is less of a flatline if you join one of its many clubs:

    Mullet Club
    Cheap Light-Beer Club
    Obesity Club
    NASCAR Club
    (all of these clubs have the exact same membership for the most part)

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