The beginnings of friendships


I may be jobless. I may be homeless. But I’ll tell you what: I am far from friendless here in Nashville.

I might never take a job, just to keep up with my social engagements.

People have been overwhelmingly kind and welcoming. I have met up with different people – very different people, from very different demographics and walks of life and social circles – every day this past week. On Friday night, I had three different invitations and had to turn down two of them, which was so sad because each offer was attractive. I am reminding myself that I live here now, and will have plenty of time to spend with my new friends… but I want to get to know everyone all at once!

So tonight, I’m exhausted. As an introvert, it’s draining to put myself out there day after day, and try to be cute and pleasant and have really good hair, when what’s really going on inside of me is, “I’M SO FREAKED OUT RIGHT NOW.” But I have a strange suspicion that even if my true colors came flying out, these Nashvillians might still like me.

I know I like them.


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  1. jared on January 20, 2008 at 12:20 AM

    it’s true. you’re liked. you’ll fit perfectly.

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