Guest post: Softening


I was 24-years old when he finally broke my heart. Generous with his words, he had always promised that he loved me – but his actions and attitudes belied those words, cracking me little by little until the terminating blow, a sledgehammer to an already rapidly crumbling innocence.

In the days and weeks that followed, I gasped for air. The grief of heartbreak is nothing short of an anvil on the chest, a weight that steals breath and paralyzes. The future I had imagined was no more, and while the world continued to spin, mine was over…

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I’m guest posting over on Seed & Water today.

This is my first guest post ever! Anywhere!

I’d love it if you would join me there – and then take a look around, since this blog is one of my favorite internet places. Everything is lovely and charming and true, as Holly & Meagan are lovely and charming and true. Thank you, ladies, for hosting me today.



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